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  • Electric pole series

    Transmission line is the national economy sustained, with the increase of national economy,the design of overhead transmission line pole (electricity) manufacturing technology in recent years to break the 10-220 kv voltage level due to the economic bottlenecks and extensive use of concrete, Angle iron truss tower and the present situation of the drawing tower. Urban renewal and environment protection, the lack of land resources, agricultural mechanization promotion and so on many external conditions forced by acid rain and weathering, the worse performance of surface decorative concrete pole and take up valuable land resources more, hinder agricultural machinery using Angle truss tower in environmental protection, easy to decorate beautification, covers an area of less, high safety coefficient, high ratio of performance steel rod upgrades.

  • Communication tower series

    ● Communication tower belongs to a kind of towers, also called towers or signal tower, the main function to support the signal, do support for signal transmitting antenna, used in mobile, unicom, telecom, satellite positioning system (GPS), and other communications department of transportation. ● Low communication Tate point and purpose


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