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I. Supply commitment  
Deliver goods and provide services in strict accordance with the buyer's schedule, to ensure that the project can be completed on schedule.   
The products are attached with labels, indicating the “manufacturer, after-sales service phone, sales date”, so that users can contact with the company timely.  
At the first time of delivery, 5% of the wearing parts will be provided free of charges. A certificate to prove that the goods meet the contract provisions should be provided when supplying goods.  
Provide assistance to construction and guide the installation according to customer needs, and even guide to train a batch of personnel that can independently complete maintenance tasks for users, to ensure that the project can be completed with high quality on time.


II. Quality Commitment
The company promises that all products are strict in accordance with contract requirements and national standards from raw material procurement to the production process and no nonconforming products will be delivered.  
The company will give a reasonable explanation and rectify them for all quality problems proposed by customers.  
The company will offer compensations for the loss of users as a result of product quality problems.  


III. After-sales commitment (warranty period) 
The company guarantees that the service life of lamp poles is not less than 20 years and the warranty period of other products is one year.  
During the warranty period, the company will solve all faults and quality problems other than man-made damage and force majeure factors free of charges.  
The company promises that the repair response time is 1hour and the company will send staffs to the site as soon as possible. The repair will be implemented continuously until the faults are eliminated.  
The company will develop a customer archive and give regular telephone return visit, to know the product use conditions.


IV. After-sales commitment (beyond the warranty period)  
All products are given for life-long maintenance; for maintenance beyond the quality warranty period, only material fees will be charged (free of labor costs).  
The company can train a batch of operators that can conduct repair and maintenance free of charge according to customer requirements, to ensure the normal operation of products.  


V. Compensation commitment  
The company undertakes to indemnify users against the losses caused by product quality and duration problems, except for man-made damage or force majeure.

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