China lighting industry into the era of Internet plus

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China lighting industry into the era of Internet plus

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Recently, the reporter learned from the association of small and medium enterprises, 020 sponsored by the Shenzhen 123 light Online Network Technology Co. Ltd., marking the China lighting industry into the era of Internet plus. The company's 123 United States online China lamp lighting industry become the first Internet companies, took the lead in the domestic implementation by line "123 light online network" with the line "123 lights online experience center" as the basis of the "double O2O platform" mode of operation, is the leading platform for O2O lighting business, Internet lighting is the only company to promote an independent design, independent production, multi category, multi brand operation, the whole network marketing online and offline, at the same time.
According to the founder of Mr. Zhao De, the company's 123 beautiful lights online is independent lighting electricity supplier O2O platform and Investment Co sponsored by online network technology Co. Ltd. and related capital, Mr. Zhao De will uphold understanding of lighting and the Internet for ten years, in the field of Chinese lighting to create a new pattern and create a new "O2O" business model. 123 beautiful lights using a one-stop online e-commerce platform to provide customers and brand wide, living room, bedroom, study room, restaurant, kitchen full house lighting and furniture preparation service for owners, 123 lamps for enterprises to provide online vision to "the pursuit of quality of life for those with high price, light" will always provide energy saving, environmental protection, high-quality lighting, perfect service as a platform for the survival of the.
According to reports, the 123 lamp energy saving and environmental protection, online positioning in high quality and competitive price "one-stop lighting products supplier, 123 light online in order to" taste "as the starting point of the design, a paranoid pursuit of comfort for lighting. In the aspect of quality requirements, 123 U.S. online advocate energy saving lamp; in the material, 123 light online products using iron, copper, crystal and other environmentally friendly materials, energy-saving lamp using LED technology, make the most simple, healthy and comfortable. Main products include modern simple lighting, luxury crystal lighting, European and American classical lighting, Chinese style lighting, fashion boutique lighting, light source appliances, switch sockets, furniture, jewelry and other 8 categories. Dedicated to the quality of life for consumers to provide quality lighting products. LED modern living room lamp, crystal lamp, luxury European classical lamp, LED lamp, Chinese style bedroom lamp, pendant lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED kitchen lamp, floor lamp, mirror LED LED LED lamp, LED commercial lighting, LED light source, Yuba, integrated ceiling, furniture accessories series switch socket, etc..
In order to realize the 020 mode of the lighting and lighting industry, the company has a strong technical team, which provides powerful technical support and service for the development of O2O platform. 123 U.S. lights online collection of global resources and cutting-edge network technology platform, the comprehensive use of cloud architecture server, CRM, mail platform, SAP advanced system for the mall and mobile clients to provide a perfect user experience. Great use of Internet resources, through advanced concepts to provide consumers with convenient shopping service experience. In addition, 123 beautiful lights online also formed a professional and experienced team of designers, and the use of 3D with the advanced light system will help customers they ultimately want the lighting effect is displayed, simulated the real scene, let the customer feel the ultimate experience. The United States is committed to making online lights 123 families across the country use the energy-saving and environmental protection high-quality lighting; inviting decoration designers, water electrician designers and companies to explore and exchange on a regular basis, domestic and foreign outstanding lighting design case analysis and study, to keep a sense of spirit and creative lighting, each set of 123 beautiful lights online lighting products are personal and special, is suitable for the host temperament and taste. Subsequently, 123 U. S. lights will build more online one, second tier cities experience center.
As we have learned, the target of this 020 platform is consumer group to be aimed at the successful person that pursues character, quality, life and social elite. With a sense of taste, the "online shop online payment + offline store experience service" model, to provide customers with one-stop light environment overall solution. 123 United States online lamp not only have the most competitive price system and the most convenient customer service service system, and will create the most authoritative lighting online interactive community platform, including the establishment of retailers, consumers, designers, media people, water electrician family network. 123, the United States lights online "dissemination of energy-saving life" as a mission, is committed to creating China's most prominent lighting O2O e-commerce platform. The platform to create Internet plus, taking the initiative to find a variable target customers through the line marketing team and consultants to provide Internet store construction, online shop planning, high-end customized lighting sales, distribution and customer service service "for the dealer's 5S service, with the integration of online and offline business advantages, actively seek for change target customers. 123 beautiful lights online to online and offline combination of "O2O" in the industry initiated a new marketing model, flat channels, nanny services. Adopt direct supply direct sales. 123 beautiful lights online from the selection and determination of stores, showrooms planning and design, decoration, guidance to product samples, personnel training, opening activities, such as providing one-stop personal service.
Companies under the jurisdiction of the Department has a technical center, marketing center, design and R & D center, photography center, customer service center, material control center, finance and financial center, manufacturing center. The distribution center of the company is the national eight distribution center and transit warehouse: Guangdong, Zhongshan, Jiangsu, Changzhou, Shandong, Linyi, Hebei, Shijiazhuang, Shaanxi, Xi'an, Yunnan, Kunming, Sichuan, Chengdu, Liaoning, Shenyang.
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