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 northern suburbs of Yangzhou,


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Bridge Industrial Park, northern suburbs of Yangzhou,Jiangsu,China


LED lighting is intelligent trend, intelligent control breakthrough

2017/09/08 11:51
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The rapid development of the Internet has brought about tremendous changes in our lives, and has become the most effective breakthrough in the traditional industries.
The rapid development of the Internet has brought about tremendous changes in our lives, and has become the most effective breakthrough in the traditional industries. Smart home boom, intelligent control lighting gradually warming, industry insiders predict that the Internet of things will be the main driving force for the future development of LED lighting market. Through the innovation of technology and management, relying on strong R & D strength and improving the production management system, at present, blorich has formed a sound, lighting, electrical accessories, smart four series product line, LED lighting and intelligent control of the perfect combination of technology, provide energy saving and environmental protection in the world Home Furnishing wisdom and business areas the overall control scheme to solve the lighting system. Compared with the traditional lighting, LED lighting can reduce the energy consumption of 40%-50%, and the intelligent control system can realize energy saving 30%-40%, double stack, can save 60%-90%! "Jinli Electrical relevant responsible person said, SOK brand to" energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon and high efficiency "concept, is committed to become a pioneer in intelligent lighting era.
LED intelligent control advantages are prominent, situational lighting is more user-friendly
Strengthening LED intelligent lighting control is the trend of LED lighting era. The use of intelligent LED lighting in the home, stores and other commercial space, not only saving energy saving and environmental protection, more fully show the great advantage of LED lighting in shaping the lighting situation, humanity will completely subvert the people's imagination of lighting. It is understood that in the use of blorich intelligent control LED lighting environment, users only need to use the smart wall micro control panel, can control and regulate the whole space of all LED lighting scene, can also manually control the micro control panel, mobile phone, tablet computer to realize the scene control, the system can also realize the remote control of the Internet, truly intelligent Home Furnishing dream.
The core of LED intelligent lighting is still lighting, and the purpose of intelligent lighting is to eliminate complicated procedures in the form of lighting applications with more humane technology." Po run electrical related person in charge said. Believe that as consumers of LED intelligent lighting more thorough understanding and acceptance of LED intelligent lighting will enter more families in the near future, and has a strong competitive blorich K intelligent control LED will also usher in a new growth point